New House

Well we have moved house and trying to get it sorted out before christmas is a squeeze but as long as down stairs is done I won't mind,We are going to be putting up trimmings tomorrow and no problem finding all trimming's this year because of the house move,suppose that is one good reason of moving house lol,writing this on my I -touch -pod "technology is great don't you think "I haven't got my computer set up yet so will do after Christmas ,haven't done any crafting been real busy but I might do some tomorrow Sunday and try and relax and not be as manic as I'm been told this week by my OH he keep's telling me to slow down but mind ya he would live with boxes everywhere just like all men really hee hee
Going to watch the new Harry Potter movie The half blood prince have ordered it on sky will watch it after the X Factor....

Not very good at blogging lately

Haven't been very good at blogging lately, I could blame it on alot of things but what's that saying a poor workman blames it on his tools think that's it, see there I go again ramblinging again, tut tut

I do have great intentions when I log on to computer, I'm going to up-date my blog and then I start to reads other people's blogs and I seem to get lost in them, like there would be a link to a great pattern for knitting/crocheting/cross stitching and then I click and that leads to another blog so on and so on and before I know it family are home and hungry and I didn't up-date my blog!!!! and then I promice my-self that I will do it later but later on and I just get settled and couldn't be bothered (smack on the hand I need lol)

I am still cross stitching the geshia lady and finding it a bit of a problem but I will continue at it till I'm finished which I haven't that much to do now, just the edges and backstitching

Could do with a new computer as this one is so very slow has been for a while, but I will manage with it till I can afford a new one...

Another new gadget

I now have internet on my mobile phone and its great which means i can go on internet when ever, where ever i am, like having to wait to see doctor in hospital or surgery anywhere really that your left waiting for am hour or so which really drives me nuts cos did you ever notice that if you have am appointment and you arrive in plenty of time, your always left waiting for ages ,but if your late thats a differant story cos your appointment gets canceled and you have to get another one now thats very annoying, dont you agree? Well i have nearly finished my Graceful geisha cross stitch and i have started another one its Japanese fans from the works of JOAN ELLIOTT an oriental odyssey she has made some beautiful designes in this book , you can get book from RU CRAFT.CO.UK they have some lovely crafty stuff in catalogue winter 09

Did ya ever!!!!

Did ya ever have one of those day's, well I'm having one????
(that reminds me of a song,  [did ya ever have one of thoes day's] can't remember who/what it is ah  it will come back to me eventually) 
 anyway did you ever go up-stairs and forget what you went up for???or put dinner in oven and forget to turn gas on??even better answer mobile phone over a sink full of water and let the phone fall into it? yep I know you all know them day's, well thats the day I'mhaving, oh and to top it all off I have a very sore eye and a headache aghhhhhhh

Now I know that song it's Elvis Presley from the movie GI Blues
all together now " did ya ever have one of those day's boy's "ever had one of those day's" when nothing goes right from morning till night " did ya ever have one of those day's "
I'm not singing the rest of it, cos I can't remember the words.....

So i went on U-Tube and found this, so now you can sing along.......


Well she is coming along slowly but I'm getting there, I had a few problems with hair, but I perservered and I got there in end,
I even think I would sew her again on a differant background, but as I have collected a few Geisha's I will do some of them first, I have already started a Fan collection will update on that one when I have some more done...

New Gaget's

Got this new gaget to-day in post it's a lap frame for holding your cross stitching in place so your both hand's are free to use also it helps to take away the  cramp you sometime's get in your hands while holding your hoop/frame all the time, I bid on  about a week ago on e-bay and forgot I did and as you can see I won !!!!and I was the only bidder too, only problem is I bought a standing frame to from craft site it'hasn't arrived yet, but  I think I will wait till the standing frame comes and see which one is better to use and then sell the other one on e-bay

Here is a piece of the stitching I am doing its the  True Oriental Beauty the most graceful geisha, the pattern is from The world of cross stitching issue 151, I have decided to do it on 14count aida and the aida is pink in colour I think it  show's off the colour better, in fact since I started this 2weeks ago, I have become obsessed with Geshia's so I have collected a few so far and have ordered some more threads to do some oriental fans and another geshia .
So I can't wait to finish this one and I won't be giving this one away this is for me hee hee

Multi Tasking

Watched Tennis to-day,
the Great Britain double's Andy Murray and Ross Hutchins against the Polish pair Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski, in the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, at the 02 Arena in Liverpool,  well had to really no other choice hubby loves his sports, thats why my blog is called the sports widow.

Anyway back to what I was saying, while I was watching and stitching to-day they showed a woman knitting in the crowd, and the commentators Andrew Castle and Greg Rusedski ked were gobbsmacked at the woman and they especially Andrew Castle couldn't figure out how the woman could knit and watch the tennis at same time, I laughted to-myself and thought well Andrew did you never hear of muli- tasking??? that's why us woman can do and you men can't hee hee, anyway Great British team lost the tennis too awhhhhhhhhhhhh


Finished Projects, TATTY TEDDIES, they are so cute and I discovered that my eldest daughter love's them and is collecting them, so when my cross stitch magazine was delivered and I saw this


I was delighted cos I bought a full cross-stitch kit at the range and boy!!!! they are expensive and the pink teddy worked out cheaper, cos I found a great site for cheap threads and loads more so I now buy from this site all the time

This is the kit I bought at the Range

I put some card around them and added a few nice touches, a bit of bling and I'm quite happy with the results, I also have bought some crosstitch magazine's from e-bay with the christmas teddies, so can ya guess what my daughter is getting for christmas....

A True Friend

Do you remember the cross-stitch of the true friends I did for my friend, well I showed her the finished work and ask her if she could read it, and it said A TRUE FRIEND IS A FOUND TREASURE and she said "oh that's beautiful and the words are a lovely saying" well said "that's for you my true friend"and she started crying and said she was very honoured and it would take and it would take pride and place in her home awhhhhhhhhhhhh

My friend Shirley with her present >>>>>>>

Only thing I told her was not to take it out of the frame cos the back of it is a mess, I haven't got the hang of tiding the back of the project,

Doesn't it make you feel good when you do something nice for a friend or people,

and they really appreciate it, never mind the X factor, it's called the Feel Good Factor

Family visit

I didn't do much crafting this week, because I had my sister from home (Ireland )stay with me for a week and as I haven't seen her in 8yrs we had alot of catching up to do, plus some shopping here in Yorkshire.

She brought some goodies from home that I cannot get here, (this is sad really) she brought some KINGS CRISPS/TAYTO CRISPS and spice burgers which were georgous!!!!

and this little fella >>>>>>>>>

We took her to my favorite part of Yorkshire.... YORK......I don't know why it is my favorite can't explain but I love it there, especially the shops and the shambles

New Gaget

I love new gadgets, we decided to get the new sky recorder box, and it's great, cos I can record all my own favorite TV programme's that I have missed cos something else has come on TV, plus I can record the whole series of a programme, and watch at my leisure.

The bloke that came to insert it in house was a howl, his jokes were corny, but funny at same time if ya know what I mean

Friendly Bears

It took me ages to stitch this one but was able to stitch most of it in the evening time, but bad idea while watching tv at same time, it's the biggest one I have done so far, but not showing the back of it, it's a right mess, haven't got the hang of tiding the thread at back....

I hope my friend will like it.....

before I put it in a frame

this is it in it's frame

A Long Time

Wow I didn't know it was that long since I last posted, there was alot going on in my world, house hunting, and sickness, and computer debugging, told you there was alot.

I'm going to a birthday party this evening, of a good friend of ours, who has been going through hell, she has throat cancer, and has all her kimeo, but not cured unfortunate and we think this is her last birthday and that is why she is holding one, cos she not one for birthday parties, she will be 49 to-day, and has only invited her special friends her words not mine, sad really, but we will all make it a special day for her......
That's us on holiday in Greece together about 4yrs ago, sue is the one on the right with straw hat, we had a fabulous time , will take my camera to-day also to take some photo's and memories......

Michael Jackson



I was devastated to hear the news that Michael Jackson had passed away, I was a big fan since I was 12yrs old old,the first song I heard was ABC, and I want ya back, plus I loved the TV show every Saturday morning the Jackson five, he was a legend and a great great artist, his music will always live on, and I can only say what everyone else is saying on internet "the world has lost a legend" and from me "Michael rest in peace and may the angels bring you home on gentle wings you will be missed and you are not alone......

Finished Projects

This is my first book mark, it's called Paisley and there are 8 in the series and I have 3 of them, they are in kit form Aida fabric( 20.3x6cm) a chart DMC mouline Stranded Cotton and
Light Effects Thread and instructions.

I found stitching with the effects thread was difficult, it broke easily,so plenty of patience is what is needed or plenty of years experience....

Here is another finished cross stitch project, butterflies in flight,

I only put blue card around it for effect, will have to frame it...

I bought these 2 pair of scissors on e-bay for £3.50 postage free, love them and they are very sharp exactly what one wants when cross stitching....

Love it or Hate it???

Love it or hate it that's the question, Face book!!!!

I don't hate it or love it,it's okish I only go on face book to see family and friends, but I find bebo better in saying that I now have it on my mobile phone so when computer is playing up I can still natter on there.I suppose it's a bit of fun, that's if your into that kinda stuff, but I find it drab, I know my oldest daughter loves it, she is on there all the time and I mean all day and most of the night, awh well each to their own I suppose...

My son's birthday yesterday he was 29yrs old, and I said to him, "well son what does it feel to be getting old" and he replied jokingly , well I think it was a joke, " you should know your older by 20 yrs mam" (cheeky git) yeah I said but I don't look 20 yrs older than you ( self praise) in return he said" what mirror do you look in mam, must have loads of cracks in it to disguise the wrinkle's, I said" you must love the sound of the ambulance siren's cos you will be in one in a minute, and we both laughed, yep I got the last word hee hee

Oh what a beautiful day

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin
'Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way.( yep it's from Musical: Oklahoma )

Well the sun is coming my way,
sat outside in garden in the shade as I only have to wink at the sun and I get burned, but I still managed to get burned well my arms did, even though I had sun cream on and highest factor too.

I said to hubby I should be like a Muslim women (no disrespect) and wear the traditional dress which cove re's the women from head to toe with a gown while in public. The traditional Muslim woman's gown is called the "burka", or "burqua". There are actually at least two main types of burquas. The "full burka" (or "chador") is a garment covering the whole body, with a heavy veil covering the eyes as well. The other burka is a kind of veil to cover the head having a slit on the front for the eyes.

yes that's what I should wear while in the sun, mind ya I would still get burned in that too.So tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny again,so looks like I stay indoors awhhhhhhhh, hubby say I won't burn tomorrow if I sat outside I would just go brown, a chance I don't think I would take, more than likly I would get sun stroke, and thats not nice thing to happen cos I got that years ago's as a child and spent a week in hospital, but thats another story....

Well I Never!!!

I wrote to the Cross Stitch Magazine last week or so, to thank them for there great magazine and how it helped me to start cross stitching,and they sent me back this e-mail

Hi Shiela

Many thanks for your email to us here at Cross Stitch Crazy. We’d love to feature it in the mag but the pic you sent is a bit small. Do you have the original picture file that you could send us, before it was re sized?

Thanks for getting in touch!
Best wishes


So you can imagine my excitement, me!!!!in a magazine ( well my letter)oh I sent them back 2 pictures, so I don't know which one they will pick, but for you all reading this here is a preview of pictures

New Beginnings

Well it's spring time again and all the flowers are in bloom, the birds are nesting, oh I love this time of year, all new beginnings, and thats is why I have changed my blog template again to a more colourfull and fit for spring, a spring clean ya might say, on blog's
I love the templates that lena has designed at
there is a wide range of templates..

I've won a blog award!!!!

I have won a blog award from Suse-the-slow-knitta

So now for the speech the fun bit.

I'm speechless!!!hence the reason I'm typing this..

I never expected to win this award, and I am delighted and I accept this award graciously.

I would like to thank alot of people, ,The producer, and the staff of the blog, namely ME.

I also would like to thank my Family, for all the times I never cooked/cleaned/ironed/ for them, because I was to busy on my blog or couldn't be bothered.
I want to praise my needles/ hands, without them I would not be able to knit/crochet/ and produce the crafts for my blog....hee hee oh and hubby's money to buy the materials.

I especially like to thank suse for the award and for the nice accolade she gave and I quote :"Iam the Sport's widow is always colourful and lively and I admire Sheila's zest for life." #

Lastly I would like to thank Lena for her beautiful blog templates @ simplyfabulous......
Thank you all....sniff sniff
Now for my blogger award choices her blog gives me the giggles, and her writing is brilliant. Rowena work is beautiful and gives great insight to her life and loves Nickys blog is of everyday life going's on beautiful, beautiful, work and blog is great too... another great and beautiful work/blog clairs blog/crafts are awesome. lovely amigurumi's and good blog

1.Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


I won this in a competition on one of my cross stitch groups,I was delighted because I never win anything, plus I had only joined group about 3 weeks ago, some more cross stitch items that I can start of a new stash ....


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