New Skin

I'm addict to blogger skins/templates, and yet another one but I like this one especially since it has 3 columns, which I can put more stuff on, and it's lovely and colourfully, so now this one stays and I'm not going to change anymore to much hard work, having to save and re-enter all my links and pic etc, that's it now, no more....

Hubby says's it wont stay that way for to long, cos I will get fed up eventually, looking at same page, like I do with furniture in house, because I kept shifting it around, because I get fed up looking at it in the same place, I had to remind him I don't do that now, well haven't done it in a long long time, not since I got bad with my back.I remember as a child my mother (god rest her soul) used to do it all the time, we as kid's would come home from school and she would have shifted the furniture around every week or so, and then put it back in the same place again once she even had stripped wallpaper from walls even though it was only decorated months before,because she didn't like the pattern on wallpaperI once heard my granny saying "moving things in house all the time means a restless soul looking for prayers" wow my mum must have been on her knee's all the time then lol now don't know if that's true, more than likely a old wives tale, strange saying the old wives tales????


These are a pair of wrist warmers, that I knitted with a dragonfly on them,my own design, I only knit them to see if I could do it, and from picture in my head and scribbles on paper, antenna's I sewed on after, they were a bit fiddly cos of wool tangling on me plus I knit them on 2 circular needles 2 at the same time, but I still enjoyed knitting them...

Two down One to go

Well here they are, only 2 crochet so far, but I have to say they turned out better than I had expected, my friend came to visit and I gave her the yellow one for her Grandson to be (not born yet) and she was over the moon with it.The other blanket is for my stepgrandson due any day now, and the other blanket I have yet to start is another grandson expected in January, so I have a bit of time for that one.

The pattern I haven't a clue where I got it from I found it on a sheet of paper in a folder that I had written on cos it was a short pattern, It's Sc and 2 Dc all in the same chain, it works up beautifully and doesn't need an edging, so if anyone reading this knows where it came from let me know....

Now all I have to do is order some more wool, for 1 more blanket well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol

Will Young???

I was listening to some music, while I was crocheting baby blankets, I have 3 on the go, and all for boys (photos coming soon of blankets) anyway the new song from Will Young is brill!!!!! I loved it some such I went on Internet to get lyrics and I swear the song was written for me!!!! It's all about wanting life to change, and yes I hear you say, don't we all want our lives to change, or do we, now thats the 64million dollar question????
Got the video for the new song, on you tube, don't really get the video, have a look let me know what you think???

My Appeal!!!

My Appeal was on Monday for my disability benefit, I went to Sheffield on Monday and to tell the truth I was bricking it, My husband drove from doncaster to try and get there for 10am, and all the time I was sitting in car I was terrified, with what they the dwp were going to do,questions they were going to ask etc,I was putting myself through this in order that I could get the higher rate.
I got into my wheelchair which I hate, and waited and waited, cos the dwp were running late, anyway eventually I got to see them, and the questions began, when did I injure my back, when did I have operation, what was doctors name, tablets I was on and why???dahhhhhhh for the pain, how do I manage to use loo at night,how do I use bath, how do I dress my self etc answered all their questions, even though they had a file with all this information on it, doctor's reports, hospital reports,even the pain management clinic reports, and they still want questions answered, anyway the upshot of it all was..... I was refused it, because I could walk around house with the aid of sticks.....I was gobsmacked....

I left there feeling real small and a fool to have put myself through all that and for nothing
I cried most of the way home, in fact I felt so down hubby wanted to take me around Sheffield and suggest go shopping to a wool shop, but I was so gutted and demoralised all I wanted to do was just go home, which we did, and I still haven't got over it yet, 3 yrs fighting this appeal for nothing, and the worst of it all is I know people on higher rate of disability and there is nothing wrong with them, but that they are great blaggers, It's so unfair.....

They worked out!!

These are gloves, well they are really called wrist warmers, They worked out OK I knitted them 2 at the same time on the circular needles,and added a thumb, but you could leave out the thumb if you wanted, so the sock principle was the same, and also quick to knit, so guess what some of my family will find in their christmas socking...


Knitting socks 2 at the same time on 2 circular needles is getting very additive, more additive than before I can't get enough, plus as I said before it so so quick, so here is another pair finished

These were knitted with dk wool 2 strands together and cable down the middle, which I think gives them a nice effect, these ones are mine just for wearing around house now that the cold weather is here oh and I have also learned how to do the Kitchener stitch which is good because it gives a nice finish to socks...

I have started a pair of fingerless gloves, there are called wrist warmers and knitting them on 2 circular needles like I knit the socks, I think it's more or less the same principles as socks well that's my thinking we'll have to wait and see if it works out.....

beaded wristbands

I knit these about a month ago, but forgot to post them....They were from pattern's I got from Knitty .com, they were really easy,and I knitted them with crochet thread size 10, which means very thin cotton, used a size 2mm crochet hook, I didn't tread beads on first, I put them on as I go along with a very fine needle, can't get to grips the other way

more socks

Another pair of socks finished, knitting them 2 at a time is great and so quick they seem to knit up really fast, just as well with the cold weather coming in so quickly too,I knit these for hubby (again)and I done the heel with double wool, just to make it stronger, because I don't know what my hubby does with his feet/boots but he seems to get holes in his socks really easily,so I hope these will last him a bit longer than a few weeks..

These I crocheted, and really easily too,I made it all up as I was going along, and crochet them in half an hour, there is a slight difference between the two pairs, and it helped get rid of some scrap yarn,I prefer the pair on the left, cos they fit better..

Oh Dear what can the matter be....

Not been feeling to good health wise the last few weeks, and this week been in bed most of the time, because I couldn't move,cold weather is effecting my back terrible and no amount of pain killers are doing any good, had doctor visit, (she is lovely)she gave me an injection for my back in the buttocks <<<<" like Forrest Gump would say") and some cream for the nasty rash I developed around my neck, how or where I got it I do not know, but it's there and it looks like someone tried to hang a noose around my neck. Pheobe my pet dog, has arthritis in her right hip and she is limping , she was bad yesterday didn't eat, just slept all day,but to-day she looks better and she nearly took my hand off to-day, while I was putting her dish out for her lol

Ben on the other hand got out on me today one minute he was in back garden next he was gone and I had to go look for him,now here is where all the problems start. (1) there was no-one else in house, so I would have to go out, (2) I suffer from panic attacks, and (3) I can't walk very far.
I rang hubby, who by the way was in London delivering something or other, and told him what was happening, what he was supposed to do I didn't know, well I did really, (he would come charging up to house like my knight in shining armour on a white horse with Ben and all would be OK again) yeah as if... well a girl can dream..
Back to story, hubby stayed on phone as I walked with my 2 walking sticks in hand down our street, and he kept talking to me all the time,I had my mobile ear thingy in before you ask, I was only about 6 houses down from my house when panic set in, the what ifs??? and still no sign of the dog, and my swearing to my-self was getting worse, thank God there was nobody around because if they saw me, moving very slowly and talking and swearing to myself, they would think I was let out for the day from the loony bin.

I hadn't a clue what my hubby was saying cos I didn't really hear him but I knew he was there, another few houses down a car drove by me, and I was willing it to stop and be someone I knew as you do, but no it didn't stop, and then out of no-where a woman was calling me, and asked me if I lost a dog, I said yeah, she found him down her street which is miles from my house and he was in back of her car because she was driving out of her driveway and she nearly ran him down, so she decided to drive around to see if anyone was out looking for him and saw me, with an empty dog lead in my hand, she was very nice and even asked if I wanted a lift home, and guess what I said......No thank you I only live a few houses away, I was so embarrassed cos I was panicking and felt so so stupid, when I eventually got bk to my house I cried with relief, 1 I found dog and 2 I was back home safe and sound..

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