A giveaway??????

Not my givaway. I came across this wonderful blog
Marie has this great giveaway of LACE  here is a small example the pic is from marie blog.

So if you like LACE or winning why not have a go....

Some more Biscornu's

What a terrible day it is today Sunday, wet and miserable now is the season to start on my knitting again get my needles singing to turn out some socks, scarfs and hats , maybe some gloves too, well I will need them for the winter and I dare say the family will want some too.

I have been working on some biscornu's I have odds and ends of Aida so I have looked back through my collection of cross-stitch magazines and decided that I also will be sewing bookmarks, and more biscornu's just to use up the Aida cos I hate waste like alot of crafters do I assume.We save every scrap of items never throw anything away, well I do ????

<<<<< this is my favorite one

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