A Long Time

Wow I didn't know it was that long since I last posted, there was alot going on in my world, house hunting, and sickness, and computer debugging, told you there was alot.

I'm going to a birthday party this evening, of a good friend of ours, who has been going through hell, she has throat cancer, and has all her kimeo, but not cured unfortunate and we think this is her last birthday and that is why she is holding one, cos she not one for birthday parties, she will be 49 to-day, and has only invited her special friends her words not mine, sad really, but we will all make it a special day for her......
That's us on holiday in Greece together about 4yrs ago, sue is the one on the right with straw hat, we had a fabulous time , will take my camera to-day also to take some photo's and memories......

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