Charmed me...... never!!!!

What a miserable day it was today, rain and more rain, and its to last for a few day's,there is  football on TV tonight so I thought I would use the time wisely and visit my favourite blogs and see what everyone is up to, and wow what a surprise alot of  my blog friends have been really busy little bee's in their crafts projects, it took me ages to visit my blog friends but worth the trip.

I was watching one of my favorite  programmes on TV today, late afternoon really from 4/6pm on living channel it was CHARMED.

Charmed is an American television series it  follows the lives of  four Halliwell sisters — Prue, Piper, Phoebe and, later, Paige. The sisters are known as  The Charmed Ones in the magical community, whose prophesied destiny is to protect innocent lives against evil beings, plus they each possess  unique magical powers, anyway( there is a point to this story) today's series was about luck and leprechaun's,
  I was just thinking wouldn't it be great to have some of their powers especial Pipers where she is able to freeze things and to have some luck from a leprechaun because all my luck gone and I could really do with some, now back to reality  

Not a winner

Looks like I didn't win the giveaway of that lovely lace ,but well done  the winner Connie Eyberg  her blogs are    or here   beautiful work on connie's blog, worth a look........

Anyway I haven't been busy doing sewing or knitting this week, haven't been feeling myself, a bit under the weather, but I have crosstitched these which I think are so cute .

I have started my knitting my socks today, on circular needles two at the same time, and they are turning out lovely, I'm knitting them with James Brett Marble chunky wool , I bought the wool ages ago it's a 200g ball for £3.99 a ball and it is very easy to knit with, the needles I'm working with are the wooden ones and the wool glides over the needles very smoothly because it is lovely and soft its pink and purple in colour

the red ribbon are my stitch markers, cos I can't find my proper ones, the ribbon does the job though

A giveaway??????

Not my givaway. I came across this wonderful blog
Marie has this great giveaway of LACE  here is a small example the pic is from marie blog.

So if you like LACE or winning why not have a go....

Some more Biscornu's

What a terrible day it is today Sunday, wet and miserable now is the season to start on my knitting again get my needles singing to turn out some socks, scarfs and hats , maybe some gloves too, well I will need them for the winter and I dare say the family will want some too.

I have been working on some biscornu's I have odds and ends of Aida so I have looked back through my collection of cross-stitch magazines and decided that I also will be sewing bookmarks, and more biscornu's just to use up the Aida cos I hate waste like alot of crafters do I assume.We save every scrap of items never throw anything away, well I do ????

<<<<< this is my favorite one


Well it's hard to believe it is September already  how times flies, didn't get to go on a Holiday this year, hubby lost his job due to cut backs etc, it seems this year that I must have done something terrible in my past life to have so much very bad luck and big financial problems this year, finding it hard to cope but will keep on struggling on, I 'm in   good health  so shouldn't complain .

I have been doing some stitching to keep sane,  I seem to have small pieces of Aida and didn't know what to do with them so while I was browsing the Internet I came across Biscornu's and if you don't know what a biscornu is well here is some information :

A biscornu is a small, 8-sided, stuffed ornamental pincushion, usually made out of Aida cloth or linen. Embroidery or cross-stitch is used to decorate the top and bottom of the cushion. A button is typically secured in the center of the cushion to give a small depression on the top. Beads, tassels and other objects can decorate the biscornu. They are typically able to fit in the palm of your hand. The name is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky or irregular.
I found this blog  and the biscornus are so beautiful.

So I had a go and this is the result and I'm very proud of it

This is the front side

and the back

I still doing the Oriental fans and they are coming on a treat


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