New Gaget

I love new gadgets, we decided to get the new sky recorder box, and it's great, cos I can record all my own favorite TV programme's that I have missed cos something else has come on TV, plus I can record the whole series of a programme, and watch at my leisure.

The bloke that came to insert it in house was a howl, his jokes were corny, but funny at same time if ya know what I mean

Friendly Bears

It took me ages to stitch this one but was able to stitch most of it in the evening time, but bad idea while watching tv at same time, it's the biggest one I have done so far, but not showing the back of it, it's a right mess, haven't got the hang of tiding the thread at back....

I hope my friend will like it.....

before I put it in a frame

this is it in it's frame


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