Michael Jackson



I was devastated to hear the news that Michael Jackson had passed away, I was a big fan since I was 12yrs old old,the first song I heard was ABC, and I want ya back, plus I loved the TV show every Saturday morning the Jackson five, he was a legend and a great great artist, his music will always live on, and I can only say what everyone else is saying on internet "the world has lost a legend" and from me "Michael rest in peace and may the angels bring you home on gentle wings you will be missed and you are not alone......


Finished Projects

This is my first book mark, it's called Paisley and there are 8 in the series and I have 3 of them, they are in kit form Aida fabric( 20.3x6cm) a chart DMC mouline Stranded Cotton and
Light Effects Thread and instructions.

I found stitching with the effects thread was difficult, it broke easily,so plenty of patience is what is needed or plenty of years experience....

Here is another finished cross stitch project, butterflies in flight,

I only put blue card around it for effect, will have to frame it...

I bought these 2 pair of scissors on e-bay for £3.50 postage free, love them and they are very sharp exactly what one wants when cross stitching....

Love it or Hate it???

Love it or hate it that's the question, Face book!!!!

I don't hate it or love it,it's okish I only go on face book to see family and friends, but I find bebo better in saying that I now have it on my mobile phone so when computer is playing up I can still natter on there.I suppose it's a bit of fun, that's if your into that kinda stuff, but I find it drab, I know my oldest daughter loves it, she is on there all the time and I mean all day and most of the night, awh well each to their own I suppose...

My son's birthday yesterday he was 29yrs old, and I said to him, "well son what does it feel to be getting old" and he replied jokingly , well I think it was a joke, " you should know your older by 20 yrs mam" (cheeky git) yeah I said but I don't look 20 yrs older than you ( self praise) in return he said" what mirror do you look in mam, must have loads of cracks in it to disguise the wrinkle's, I said" you must love the sound of the ambulance siren's cos you will be in one in a minute, and we both laughed, yep I got the last word hee hee


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