If ya can't beat em

Went out to-day with OH for a drive well I say a drive, he was driving cos he was working  on his delivering pea's to various markets, like Manchester, Sheffield,Leeds, Barnsley, and I went along for the ride and took my camera with me to take some pic off the wood head pass between Barnsley/Manchester over the Pennines, the scenery is beautiful, even though I hate that squiggly road, cos it makes me car sick yuk,

Anyway as we were driving alone we were nattering about the Formula 1 race today, cos I saw it all and OH only got to see up to about 45 laps of the 67,

 so I was able to tell him who won, and all the controversial on the one-two result at the German Grand Prix, and my OH was grinning at me, and I asked why? he said" Do you know your blog the one I haven't read yet, well I think you should change the name, from The Sportswidow to the Sportswoman, cos he said " your very much into sports now, like formula 1, /Moto GP/ Golf / Cricket/ even down to Football," Well I said do ya know that saying : If ya can't beat em, then join em, and even better I even know the off-side rule in football is, just don't ask me to explain it, cos I can't, so now I will be part of the sporty crowd hee hee.

But won't be changing my blogs name,  

Busy Busy Busy

I have been really busy lately, my hands and sewing needles have been rather busy, I have 2 birthdays coming up,1 on the 26th which is my eldest daughter and she will be 28yrs old and then on the 29th is my other friends birthday and she will be 46 so I am sewing some birth samples for each of them and I hope they will like them, anyway when my needles are not sewing I am reading, at the moment I am reading a book by J.Randy Taraborrellli and its called Michael Jackson, the magic,the madness,the whole story.

It is very riveting and very thick it has 745 pages and its from the beginning of Michael's life to the end, I have read most books on Michael Jackson, but this one is the best I have ever read about him, its one of those books that when your reading it impossible to believe and believe all at the same time, and also how sad/lonely his life really was, there is a great quote at the beginning of the book which sums Michael Jackson to a tee.

Michael Jackson to J.Randy Taraborrelli on September 1995:

Why not just tell people I'm an alien from mars,Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight, They will believe anything you say because you are a reporter, but if I, Michael Jackson were to say, ' I'm an alien from mars and I eat live chickens and I do a voodoo dance at midnight' people would say, Oh man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He's cracked up, You can't believe a dame word that comes out of his mouth.....

 Do you think he was right?????

newbie to blogging

I thought I would share this with you all, My youngest daughter has decided to start her own blog, and is looking for other bloggers to follow and followers ect, so I will post her blog address for you all please  drop by and have a look and leave a comment to say hello...


Oh and thanks for looking

Oriental Fans

I love anything oriental, hence the reason I love to cross-stitch oriental themes, here is what I am working on at the moment and its called Fans of the Far East....

There will be three Fans when finished and they will have three differant flowers, the Siberian iris is the flower of faith and hope, The exquisite Japanese poney brings to mind opulence and luxury and the creamy -yellow Magnolia represents tenderness and love of nature and there will also be a boarder so this is a big project and here is a pic of what it will look like when finished.

Oh nearly forgot here is finished laptop bag, I crochet this with 2 strands of wool together a pink and cream just left over wool .

Finished bag.

Not been Idle been busy

Well I'm back at last, my computer broke and it would have cost too much to repair so I had to save up for a laptop, so I went shopping for one 3 weeks ago,I was  delighted that I got one and then discovered while I was not on a computer someone decided to play games with my passwords on all my favorite sites, blogs,and even down to my e-mail accounts, (but luckily who ever it was could not get into pay pal account) so it took me awhile to get back my e-mails accounts and blogs etc and lots of phone calls later I'm back , Ya can't knock a good Irish woman down like me lol lol,   it was annoying but as I always say, what goes around comes around.

So now back to what I was working on some crochet and knitting and here are the pictures  of the baby cardigans,blankets, hats, and a pram-suit,


This was crochet in squares and then put together plus I lined the back of it to make it softer on babies skin, my friend was delighted with them all, and so was the expecting mother that makes me happy too...

 Iam working on a cross-stitch project at the moment of 3 oriental fans and will post pic's on the progress of the fans, also the finishing touches to my crochet lap-top cover or bag,just t sew it all together.....


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