I know I started my secret Santa late this year as I'm trying to catch up now, and it seems there is not enough hours in day, along with housework shopping etc plus I'm writing letters to friends at home in Ireland, yeah some don't have computers and I have a big Family there also which is 8 of us all together so getting address, and new nephew's/nieces that would be in total 44, and then their babies some total of 8, so if ya add it all up between family,nephews/nieces and babies that's 52 and that's not counting partners/spouses which are all living in Ireland...
Then there is my children/step children and grandchildren/step granchildren, and their spouses /partners CONFUSED!!!! I am all the time HEE HEE HEE,
Thank God I don't have to buy Christmas for all in Ireland I would need to take out a big bank loan,or even knit/crochet for them I would have to start knitting/crocheting in beginning of the year for that Christmas, so we just send cards and letters, told ya I had a big Family


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