Hand warmers/socks

Just a few new knits I have done this week,
 well it is getting colder now
so gloves and chunky socks are in order,
 actually my daughter clocked these and has claimed them for herself,

 then she spotted the  hand warmers to go with the socks and claimed those as well and then she said she would have preferred gloves (cheeky)  so I knit these extra covers to go with them making them gloves/hand warmers so she could wear them either way plus I crochet a frilly bit on end

these hand warmers are for myself they will be great when I'm doing some cross-stitching or knitting or crocheting or whatever I'm doing  for  keeping  my hands lovely and warm.....

Camera shy

 Took these photos of my dogs, thought I would share .....

NO NO NO not looking

Still not looking!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha still not looking
take the hint!!!!!


Ha Ha not posing for ya

Still not posing....


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