I won this in a competition on one of my cross stitch groups,I was delighted because I never win anything, plus I had only joined group about 3 weeks ago, some more cross stitch items that I can start of a new stash ....

Shopping Spree

I went in town Saturday just to do some shopping (well window shopping really) go to markets, and my favorite charity shops, and here is what I bought, all in charity shops,

this was £1.50 to keep my sewing in and in another charity shop I saw this and had to get it........

A sewing basket and it £2.50

I also bought 2 cross stitch books they cost me £4 for both...

Hubby dragged me out of the charity shops in case I saw something else, so we went to markets and in the indoor market I discovered a knitting shop, It's called Stitch and Knit, it's a small shop and the owner is a lovely lady, and I got talking to her and asked her advice about cross stitching and what would be the easiest project for a beginner and she showed me loads of kits all in differ ant price range's, so I bought one, (hubby should have left me in charity shop lol )

She also has beautiful wool, but I was very self controlled on wool hee hee

Cross stitch

I'm so thrilled that I finished my very first cross stitch project, I even framed it, well come on it's my first one hee hee I will say this that it wasn't easy, I kept dropping my needle, I had to use a magnifying glass and I had to work out instructions myself, what kind of stitches cos it didn't have any, but over all I'm happy with it and I know it will get easier as I do more, can't wait to start another though

here is a small one I did as well, took me 2 evenings to do....


We went for a walk yesterday,weather was lovely so we decided to take dog's out, plus I wanted to go for a walk and to-day I suffer, but hey I enjoyed the walk especially since I got out of house..

To-day I have been doing absolutely nothing because I can't move, so I'm looking at blogs and new sites I found for my hobby,and reading a book by Harold Robbins called Memories of Yesterday, I read it before I like Harold Robbins I have a few and read a few of his books, but this evening I will do some crafting, plus it's my TV night, Holby City and new drama called All the small things, and then what ever is on after that, hubby can have TV back then hee hee


Just to show my cross stitch progress, I'm enjoying stitching, complete difference from knitting or crocheting, have to wear my glasses, alot though and you need very good lighting also..

This one I could use a hoop as you can see from circle mark on it, but I am assured that when finished and washed the mark will come out....

This is one of the kits I bought my daughterit's a big one and Iwill need a square hoop thingy for it,and I think this will take me ages/months to do,
mind ya if it's gonna take me months to finish, wonder how long it would have been for daughter, (year's) no wonder she never done any of it, hee hee


I have started a new craft, It's cross stitch, I bought 2 cross stitch kits in 2008 for Christmas along with 2 rug plan kits, for my daughter as a hobby, and as I was in one of those clearing out mood's, I came across them in a box unopened, cross stitch kits were unopened and one of the rug/cushions kit was unopened, and as she has flown the nest so to speak I thought she took them with her, I rang her and asked if she wanted me to post them to her she no that she wouldn't have the time to do them plus she forgot she had them, there's gratitude for ya, well at least I know now what not to get her for presents again....

So looks like I will do them and give my knitting needles and crochet hook a rest for awhile, looking forward in doing them, the cushion/rug I know how to do, I did it years ago with my mum, it was one of those hooks that I fell on, and injured my back an silly accident and I never did one of those rugs since, I was about 12yrs old when it happened, a long time ago.....


Found the pattern for the night dress case, and knit 2, the pink and purple one in double knitting wool, and the blue and white was knitted in chunky wool, as I have only one grandaughter she gets all the knitted toys except when I knit/crochet for new born's so she is getting the pink one,

and my youngest daughter who by the way is 19yrs old is taking the blue one

<<<<<<<<<< the back of it

Cheeky Monkey

I knit this a while ago, I got idea from a group I'm in, one of the women had it as an avatar slightly different, but I thought it was lovely, so I decided to knit one, the legs and arms were knit on circular needles 2 at same time, which was tricky with the changing of stripes and then the black in-between, but when I finished it hubby asked who I knit it for," I told him no-body really" well he said" it's mine then" I think it's great his face has loads of character and cheeky" yeah I said just like you" hee hee anyway here he is:

oh forgot to say I also knit him a Irish scarf hee hee


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