If ya can't beat em

Went out to-day with OH for a drive well I say a drive, he was driving cos he was working  on his delivering pea's to various markets, like Manchester, Sheffield,Leeds, Barnsley, and I went along for the ride and took my camera with me to take some pic off the wood head pass between Barnsley/Manchester over the Pennines, the scenery is beautiful, even though I hate that squiggly road, cos it makes me car sick yuk,

Anyway as we were driving alone we were nattering about the Formula 1 race today, cos I saw it all and OH only got to see up to about 45 laps of the 67,

 so I was able to tell him who won, and all the controversial on the one-two result at the German Grand Prix, and my OH was grinning at me, and I asked why? he said" Do you know your blog the one I haven't read yet, well I think you should change the name, from The Sportswidow to the Sportswoman, cos he said " your very much into sports now, like formula 1, /Moto GP/ Golf / Cricket/ even down to Football," Well I said do ya know that saying : If ya can't beat em, then join em, and even better I even know the off-side rule in football is, just don't ask me to explain it, cos I can't, so now I will be part of the sporty crowd hee hee.

But won't be changing my blogs name,  


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