I have started a new craft, It's cross stitch, I bought 2 cross stitch kits in 2008 for Christmas along with 2 rug plan kits, for my daughter as a hobby, and as I was in one of those clearing out mood's, I came across them in a box unopened, cross stitch kits were unopened and one of the rug/cushions kit was unopened, and as she has flown the nest so to speak I thought she took them with her, I rang her and asked if she wanted me to post them to her she no that she wouldn't have the time to do them plus she forgot she had them, there's gratitude for ya, well at least I know now what not to get her for presents again....

So looks like I will do them and give my knitting needles and crochet hook a rest for awhile, looking forward in doing them, the cushion/rug I know how to do, I did it years ago with my mum, it was one of those hooks that I fell on, and injured my back an silly accident and I never did one of those rugs since, I was about 12yrs old when it happened, a long time ago.....


Found the pattern for the night dress case, and knit 2, the pink and purple one in double knitting wool, and the blue and white was knitted in chunky wool, as I have only one grandaughter she gets all the knitted toys except when I knit/crochet for new born's so she is getting the pink one,

and my youngest daughter who by the way is 19yrs old is taking the blue one

<<<<<<<<<< the back of it

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