Raining again!!

Tuesday morning and it's raining again,will it ever stop and let us have some sort of summer, mind ya this weather reminds me of home (Ireland) funny really cos Ireland are having good weather, haven't been myself to-day feeling tired,might be because I never went to bed on Sunday, I was in hospital at A.N.E with my son, we got phone call to tell us he was involved in a hit and run, he being the victim, he was knocked off his bike on his way home from work at 3am, he works nights and thank God he was not hurt badly, plenty of bruising and some stitches over his eye, he will be a bit sore for awhile,we didn't get home till after 7am alot of sitting around and drinking coffee from the machines .............

But I did notice at the hospital, that not one person used that hand wash stuff they have all over hospital, even though there were big signs everywhere,especially the big one on floors with the STOP AND WASH warning it amazed me cos of the bugs that are in hospitals now and then they want to know how these bugs get there???

Got to do some housework,and prepare dinner, don't know what to cook to-day might do something simple..

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