Not a good day

I'm having a very bad time with pain this weekend, I'm taking medication but it's making me very drowsy,but I have managed to finish some amigurumi's which I have posted below...

I also found a poetry book which was giving to me by a wonderful Irish man, named Jermone Stephens, who was a haemophiliac and was infected with Aids virus, through a contaminated blood product in 1982, he was a family man, and had beautiful children with his wife Elisabeth. While he was sick he wrote poetry and they were published in a book, called read My Mind,
and the poem on the right is one of my favorites....

god bless you Jermone.....

These are so cute..........

Nellie the Elephants

I finished these to-day,

ugly or not

Isn't this the most ugliest thing you ever saw, it was crocheted in fun-fur and it is supposed to be Romeo's love bubble, (compared to the one I already crocheted) well if my romeo gave that to me(Juliette) as a token of his love, I would kill myself too....
I think it is Hunchbacks bed time toy, my son said it's creepy, my hubby said it looks like an evil Pokemon

the doll

Tennis anyone!!!

This week I have been in grossed with the Tennis,( I no I no I was not to mention SPORTS but everyone watches the Tennis don't they???) especially Andy murray against Richard Gasquet match was very exciting the way Andy came back to life was awesome,and to-days match with the gorgeous Frenchman Arnaud Clement against the German Rainer Schuettler was even more thrilling, the Frenchman lost sniff sniff, So with the Tennis been on television. I was able to do some more amigurumi's even with all the excitement of tennis I was still able to some crochet,I added pictures of them,

Here they all are around my computer... They look better below

Some more Amigurumi

The penguin

little Piggy
The Turtle
This is called romeo's love bubble, supposed to be crocheted in fun-fur wool, but I just did it in DK wool that I had left over, turned out ok...
Just the two of us


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