Did ya ever!!!!

Did ya ever have one of those day's, well I'm having one????
(that reminds me of a song,  [did ya ever have one of thoes day's] can't remember who/what it is ah  it will come back to me eventually) 
 anyway did you ever go up-stairs and forget what you went up for???or put dinner in oven and forget to turn gas on??even better answer mobile phone over a sink full of water and let the phone fall into it? yep I know you all know them day's, well thats the day I'mhaving, oh and to top it all off I have a very sore eye and a headache aghhhhhhh

Now I know that song it's Elvis Presley from the movie GI Blues
all together now " did ya ever have one of those day's boy's "ever had one of those day's" when nothing goes right from morning till night " did ya ever have one of those day's "
I'm not singing the rest of it, cos I can't remember the words.....

So i went on U-Tube and found this, so now you can sing along.......

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