A True Friend

Do you remember the cross-stitch of the true friends I did for my friend, well I showed her the finished work and ask her if she could read it, and it said A TRUE FRIEND IS A FOUND TREASURE and she said "oh that's beautiful and the words are a lovely saying" well said "that's for you my true friend"and she started crying and said she was very honoured and it would take and it would take pride and place in her home awhhhhhhhhhhhh

My friend Shirley with her present >>>>>>>

Only thing I told her was not to take it out of the frame cos the back of it is a mess, I haven't got the hang of tiding the back of the project,

Doesn't it make you feel good when you do something nice for a friend or people,

and they really appreciate it, never mind the X factor, it's called the Feel Good Factor


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