Winter Olympics

The opening ceremony of Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 is taking place on February 12 at Vancouver BC Place Stadium, British Columbia in Canada, which has a capacity of 60000 seats. The Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean will open the biggest event of the year, The Theme for the games will be
"TO INSPIRE THE WORLD"  and ,for the last couple of weeks the olympics have been advertiseing it on TV with the tune of "cry me a river" sung by Michael Buble his version, love that song I even have that tune on my phone it's funny really cos when the Olympic tune came on tv I would pick up my phone, thinking it was my phone ringing lol.
 The opening ceremony was awesome

I loved the way the torch was  lite it was fantastic the way the three poles came together in the middle so the flame in centre could be lite, 

 The big point, following the solemn talk from the commissioners was k.d. lang amid an arena of candles singing the work of another Canadian laureate, Leonard Cohen with the song  know as a song from "Shrek," the lovely "Hallelujah

Found this on u tube beautiful go on have a listen....

My Favorite sporting event at the Olympics is the figure skating, but with the time differance I have some late nights, plus I can watch it in peace
My hubby has reminded me that my blog is called the sport's widow and that I seem to write about sports  on the blog, and when the olympics are on I watch sports  well I write on what I like lol

On a sad note It was terrible sad to hear the shocking news the death of 21-year-old Nodar Kumaritashvili, who crashed at speeds of more than 90mph on one of the most dangerous sections of the luge run
My prayers go out to his Family

Some Crochet I had Finished

 One of my Friend's daughter's had a baby girl her first and my heart went out to her cos her partner is in army and is serving oversea's at the moment he was able to get some leave but not much  and  he did get to see his daughter born and was able to spend a week wit mother and baby,so I crochet an outfit for baby, all in pink and white and they are so adorable,

Now my other friend her 2 son's partners are expecting babies end of March, so I'm busy knitting outfits all in blue or white because their expecting Boy's, and crocheting blankets too plus my friends 50th Birthday is on the 7th March and and she hopes to go abroad for her birthday which I cannot go due to lack of funds, I keep joking with her that she is older than me, only by 6 months though,  so I'm stitching her a suprise, so you can see I am pretty busy crafting at the moment and will be for a while yet.




A New Discovery (photos are yuk)

(This was drafted 3weeks ago waiting on usb cable for my camera so I could insert pic's)

If your a bit squimish DONT LOOK AT PHOTO at bottom of page lol

We as in my hubby and I made a discovery today,well I said we but I really meant me,
As you know we moved house just before Christmas still sorting it out,ie like decorating ect you know what I mean anyway there is 2 small sheds in garden that are built into house but they are full up with odd doors garden lawn-mowers motor bike parts basically full to the brim with rubbish, 
 For a couple of weeks now I have been saying that I could hear running water near the sheds but was told it was my imagination as men usual do say so I decided to get the sheds cleaned if I left it up to hubby they would still be full of rubbish anyway  I had ordered a skip to get rid of all rubbish in these sheds and it came this morning Monday and the cleaning commenced, and no we didn't look like Kim and Aggie from How clean is your house I love that programme as we were shifting the rubbish into the skip we discovered an outside toilet (a broken one at that) with a burst pipe and the water flooding everywhere, so it wasn't my imagination then, but hubby tried to fix burst pipe and it broke in half and he got soaked and I mean soaked, I nearly wet myself laughing, it was really funny, couldn't get a photo though cos he ran off inside house before I could could get camera, it was like a scene from a Carry on Movie we could call it Carry on at the Bog, hee hee

We had to get a plummer out, and he came pretty quickly, he also got soaked but he had protected clothing on, fixed it within minutes, job done, and all we had to do then was take it all out and use it as a bike shed ...

Now you got a warning look if you dare...


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