Love it or Hate it???

Love it or hate it that's the question, Face book!!!!

I don't hate it or love it,it's okish I only go on face book to see family and friends, but I find bebo better in saying that I now have it on my mobile phone so when computer is playing up I can still natter on there.I suppose it's a bit of fun, that's if your into that kinda stuff, but I find it drab, I know my oldest daughter loves it, she is on there all the time and I mean all day and most of the night, awh well each to their own I suppose...

My son's birthday yesterday he was 29yrs old, and I said to him, "well son what does it feel to be getting old" and he replied jokingly , well I think it was a joke, " you should know your older by 20 yrs mam" (cheeky git) yeah I said but I don't look 20 yrs older than you ( self praise) in return he said" what mirror do you look in mam, must have loads of cracks in it to disguise the wrinkle's, I said" you must love the sound of the ambulance siren's cos you will be in one in a minute, and we both laughed, yep I got the last word hee hee


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