Not very good at blogging lately

Haven't been very good at blogging lately, I could blame it on alot of things but what's that saying a poor workman blames it on his tools think that's it, see there I go again ramblinging again, tut tut

I do have great intentions when I log on to computer, I'm going to up-date my blog and then I start to reads other people's blogs and I seem to get lost in them, like there would be a link to a great pattern for knitting/crocheting/cross stitching and then I click and that leads to another blog so on and so on and before I know it family are home and hungry and I didn't up-date my blog!!!! and then I promice my-self that I will do it later but later on and I just get settled and couldn't be bothered (smack on the hand I need lol)

I am still cross stitching the geshia lady and finding it a bit of a problem but I will continue at it till I'm finished which I haven't that much to do now, just the edges and backstitching

Could do with a new computer as this one is so very slow has been for a while, but I will manage with it till I can afford a new one...


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