Not a winner

Looks like I didn't win the giveaway of that lovely lace ,but well done  the winner Connie Eyberg  her blogs are    or here   beautiful work on connie's blog, worth a look........

Anyway I haven't been busy doing sewing or knitting this week, haven't been feeling myself, a bit under the weather, but I have crosstitched these which I think are so cute .

I have started my knitting my socks today, on circular needles two at the same time, and they are turning out lovely, I'm knitting them with James Brett Marble chunky wool , I bought the wool ages ago it's a 200g ball for £3.99 a ball and it is very easy to knit with, the needles I'm working with are the wooden ones and the wool glides over the needles very smoothly because it is lovely and soft its pink and purple in colour

the red ribbon are my stitch markers, cos I can't find my proper ones, the ribbon does the job though


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