A year on ?????

Wow it's been a year since I last posted,reason I had no computer and as our library is closing couldn't use theirs, anyway lots has happened during the year, moved house again, last move no matter where my OH gets work, he can move on his own lol, I have moved nearer my gran children they live just 5mins away now which is brilliant, which means I get to see them everyday and they have stop overs at mine too which they love.

The other great news is that my son and his partner have a baby girl and they named her Danni Leigh, which is a lovely name, she was born in June this year, and is growing really well, love the stage she is at now cos she is starting to notice things and faces oh she is beautiful!!!!!

Me with new grandaughter and other grandaughter/granson
Dannii leigh and she is on blanket i crochet for her.

a few weeks ago

Mammy and Daddy are gone crazy buying for baby for Xmas, aw well she is their first baby and her first Xmas.......

I also had a surprise birthday in September, my OH arranged for us to go to dinner at the Pastures hotel in north Yorkshire, which I have never been before, which is a beautiful place.
As we arrived my OH lead me into foyer, which is pictured below and do you see where the suite of furniture is well as I walked in, there were people sitting there,

 I saw them but just carried on and then I heard my name been called and looked around, and those people sitting there where my 3 younger brothers and my sister, and I just stood there looking gobsmacked, my youngest brother I haven't seen since I moved over to the UK in 2000, so as you can imagine there were alot of happy tears and plenty hugging, it was brilliant!!!!

From left at the back, are Paul, Pierce,Terry
Myself and Ann


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