New Gaget's

Got this new gaget to-day in post it's a lap frame for holding your cross stitching in place so your both hand's are free to use also it helps to take away the  cramp you sometime's get in your hands while holding your hoop/frame all the time, I bid on  about a week ago on e-bay and forgot I did and as you can see I won !!!!and I was the only bidder too, only problem is I bought a standing frame to from craft site it'hasn't arrived yet, but  I think I will wait till the standing frame comes and see which one is better to use and then sell the other one on e-bay

Here is a piece of the stitching I am doing its the  True Oriental Beauty the most graceful geisha, the pattern is from The world of cross stitching issue 151, I have decided to do it on 14count aida and the aida is pink in colour I think it  show's off the colour better, in fact since I started this 2weeks ago, I have become obsessed with Geshia's so I have collected a few so far and have ordered some more threads to do some oriental fans and another geshia .
So I can't wait to finish this one and I won't be giving this one away this is for me hee hee

Multi Tasking

Watched Tennis to-day,
the Great Britain double's Andy Murray and Ross Hutchins against the Polish pair Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski, in the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas, at the 02 Arena in Liverpool,  well had to really no other choice hubby loves his sports, thats why my blog is called the sports widow.

Anyway back to what I was saying, while I was watching and stitching to-day they showed a woman knitting in the crowd, and the commentators Andrew Castle and Greg Rusedski ked were gobbsmacked at the woman and they especially Andrew Castle couldn't figure out how the woman could knit and watch the tennis at same time, I laughted to-myself and thought well Andrew did you never hear of muli- tasking??? that's why us woman can do and you men can't hee hee, anyway Great British team lost the tennis too awhhhhhhhhhhhh


Finished Projects, TATTY TEDDIES, they are so cute and I discovered that my eldest daughter love's them and is collecting them, so when my cross stitch magazine was delivered and I saw this


I was delighted cos I bought a full cross-stitch kit at the range and boy!!!! they are expensive and the pink teddy worked out cheaper, cos I found a great site for cheap threads and loads more so I now buy from this site all the time

This is the kit I bought at the Range

I put some card around them and added a few nice touches, a bit of bling and I'm quite happy with the results, I also have bought some crosstitch magazine's from e-bay with the christmas teddies, so can ya guess what my daughter is getting for christmas....

A True Friend

Do you remember the cross-stitch of the true friends I did for my friend, well I showed her the finished work and ask her if she could read it, and it said A TRUE FRIEND IS A FOUND TREASURE and she said "oh that's beautiful and the words are a lovely saying" well said "that's for you my true friend"and she started crying and said she was very honoured and it would take and it would take pride and place in her home awhhhhhhhhhhhh

My friend Shirley with her present >>>>>>>

Only thing I told her was not to take it out of the frame cos the back of it is a mess, I haven't got the hang of tiding the back of the project,

Doesn't it make you feel good when you do something nice for a friend or people,

and they really appreciate it, never mind the X factor, it's called the Feel Good Factor


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