Oh this weather is terrible, and this is supposed to be Summer!!!!! as you might have guessed it's raining again!!!!!and quite heavy too, mind shouldn't complain It's gives me more time to do what I like to do some more crocheting and knitting and looking around on the internet, never know what one can come across on internet these day's,It's a big big world out there in cyberspace,

"Space... The final frontier...
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.
Its continuing mission:
To explore strange new worlds...
To seek out new life; new civilisations...
To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

Monologue of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the opening credits

Awh Patrick Steward very nice hmmmmmmm and he is a Yorkshire man!!!

Nearly Finished (the before.... the after to come later)

Well I have been a busy women, I have crochet a couple of amigurumis, a doll which I finished but all I need to do is put her together,I'm waiting on pellets to come, I have also made squeak squeak the Mouse and purr purr the Cat plus the japanease Cat...i decided to put in before /after pic, so you can see how the turn out when completed... well here they are,





Oh nearly forgot to add where I got patterns from...
The Doll was from
Mouse and Cat from

Full Cat from a blog called "oh the cuteness"

I've lost the plot, with all this rain..

My hubby said I have lost the plot with the bunny story, I have!!!!! but not telling him lol

What a miserable day it is to-day the longest day of the year and officially the start of the summer,let's hope we do get some sunshine..Myspace Quotes
Myspace Quotes at
Hubby on the mend,and bored, because he still has to rest for a while yet, anyway plan to do some more amigurumi today,and some baking, might do some sponges they always go down well with the family...

The story of Mr and Mrs Hopper

What a lovely pair they make, she the doe likes the finer things in life and a simple life, and he the buck is just a (bloke)
They met when I finished knitting them,as soon as I attached his eyes he spotted her across the room but she was shy at first,and eventually she surrendered to his charms and the twinkle in his eyes and fell madly in love...

Now as she is a doe (lady) because that's what she is, soon discovered she has her work cut out for her,with this buck (bloke) because as you may have noticed he loves his Football , just like a buck (bloke) but she still loves him....awh bless..

My first Amigurumis

I crocheted my first Amigurumis, and it was easy, got the free pattern from, which is a great blog, can't wait to do some more, they are quite easy to do and quick, you could do 1 in about half-hour, the only downside is the fiddle little bits,but otherwise very enjoyable and did I mention how cute they look, well they do...

Heart Attack

I haven't been able to post this week, because my husband had a heart attack on Wednesday evening, he had been complaining all week about his chest getting tight and I told him to go to see doctor, (but we know what men are like, put it off today try again tomorrow)I had an appointment to see doctor on Thursday so I insisted on him to see nurse, which he did and she done a ECG on him and let the doctor see it and next I knew an ambulance was on its way to rush him to hospital, all sorts of things were going through my head,(you know the what ifs/hows/whys)as I sat in hospital with him and the look on his face, that he was terrified, and scared not knowing what was happening to him, he looked just like a little boy, and I knew there was nothing I could do,but pray and leave it all in the doctors hands and in Gods,
He was rushed from Doncaster Hospital to Sheffield Hospital where they could do a operation called coronary angioplasty with a stent, and he had that done on Saturday,they inserted a balloon into his artery's to widen them and help the blood flow to his heart,
and this procedure should last the rest of his life, plus he won't have to have a heart by-pass
Thank God..

I'm Hooked!!!!

Yes you saw it here first, I'm hooked....
Couldn't help it, honest!! When I saw them I just had to have them...
I was all excited when I came across them, oh come on, you will be the same I garantee you will...

Now whats this woman blabbibg about, well listen up, are you reading, ah go on,go on,go on (my Mrs Doyle impression in Fr Ted)

Well their called AMIGURUMI, little crochet/knitted stuffed japanese toys...

more later..

More information on AMIGURUMI

This was all reserched by me..Amigurumi (ah-mee-goo-roo-mee) is the japanese art of knitting and crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures, amigurumi are typically cute animals (such as bears,rabbits,cats,dogs, etc)but can include inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features.Amigurumi can be either knitted or crocheted, in recent years crocheted amigurumi are more popular and are more commonly seen... The aesthetic of amigurumi or the Kawaii (Ka-wa-ee) is a Japanese term which means "cute". Cuteness seems to be a highly valued aesthetic quality in Japanese society and particularly Japanese pop culture, to this end, typical amigurumi animals have an over sized head on a cylindrical body with undersized extremities.....

The simplest designs are worked in spirals in contrast to western crochet in the rounds and are not usually joined, they are also worked with a smaller size hook in proportion to the weight of yarn in order to create a very tight-looking fabric without any gaps through which the stuffing might escape.Amigurumi are usually worked in sections and then joined, except for some amigurumi which have no limbs, only a head and torso which are worked in one piece.The extremities are sometimes stuffed with plastic pellets to give them a life like weight, while the rest of the body is stuffed with fiber stuffing....

there is a great AMIGURUMI tutorial if you want to have a go, I cant wait to start

Girly night in by myself

My son's 28th birthday tomorrow, and hubby and son are gone out for a boys night out, just another excuse for a piss up lol, and I have house and TV all to myself, oh the luxury, can't decide what to watch, think I will watch the lora croft movie on BBC1 well I have all the games for PS1, and 1 for the DS, a big bag of popcorn and some choclate ice-cream and all the couch to myself lol

So it looks like I won't be doing any crochet/knitting to-night, just vegging out. well a gal has to have some ME time and tonight the night.......

Things I do while on the road

This morning the weather was lovely, and then it turned rainy for the rest of the day, so I decided to go traveling with my hubby, he works at delivering farm produce to different parts of the UK, to-day it was Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds, and looking at the country side as we driving along was lovely, (well the bit that's not taken with new roads etc)it's a shame really but I suppose that's life and progress..

We got chatting about car's well hubby did I nodded at the right times lol what size engines and what company makes the different ant cars, yep ya could say boring, until I said " I just like the look of some cars",the name's I haven't a clue, well the back of the new corsa (boot end)looks like it has a big smile, and the mondeo has just a posh smile, and any cars that have a peak on (over the bk windscreen) are all chav cars, well I think it's funny..

Have a look at your car and tell me what you think your car looks like.....

Oh nearly forgot I also spotted 18,STOBART TRUCKS , things I do while Im traveling on the road.

Raining again!!

Tuesday morning and it's raining again,will it ever stop and let us have some sort of summer, mind ya this weather reminds me of home (Ireland) funny really cos Ireland are having good weather, haven't been myself to-day feeling tired,might be because I never went to bed on Sunday, I was in hospital at A.N.E with my son, we got phone call to tell us he was involved in a hit and run, he being the victim, he was knocked off his bike on his way home from work at 3am, he works nights and thank God he was not hurt badly, plenty of bruising and some stitches over his eye, he will be a bit sore for awhile,we didn't get home till after 7am alot of sitting around and drinking coffee from the machines .............

But I did notice at the hospital, that not one person used that hand wash stuff they have all over hospital, even though there were big signs everywhere,especially the big one on floors with the STOP AND WASH warning it amazed me cos of the bugs that are in hospitals now and then they want to know how these bugs get there???

Got to do some housework,and prepare dinner, don't know what to cook to-day might do something simple..


Hello again!!!!my new clothes dryer arrived this morning which can (make one happy, that's the Queens English) just as well that I'm not English, I come from the olde emerald isle, the land that has 40 shades of green, and leprechauns if you can find one, terrible little blighter's they are good at hiding because they are protecting their pot's of gold... lol

There is also the blarney stone which is said to give the gift of eloquence to all who kiss it. Kissing the stone is for some people a difficult physical feat. In past times, to kiss the Stone people were hung by their heels over the edge of the parapet. One day a pilgrim broke from the grasp of his friends and went hurtling downward to certain death. Since that time the stone has been kissed by another method. First, you sit with your back towards the stone and then someone sits upon your legs or firmly holds your feet. Next, leaning far back and downward into the abyss while grasping the iron rails, you lower yourself until your head is even with the stone to be kissed.

The term Blarney mean's the ability to influence and coax with fair words and soft speech without giving offense'. Echoing the power of the stone, an Irish bard of the early nineteenth century, Francis Sylvester Mahony, wrote:
There is a stone there,
That whoever kisses,Oh,
he never misses
To grow eloquent.'
Tis he may clamber To a lady's chamber,
Or become a member Of Parliament
Now last but not least there is the famous guinness, (and in my opinion it's disgusting) so here is a link to the story/history to Guinness..............
See I told you I'm a bit crazy...
Quote of the week
An egg is always an adventure.Oscar Wilde (1854–1900), British dramatist and poet

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My First Time

here it is my first blog..... It was a long time coming been thinking about it for ages but a bit scared to start, this is all new to me, but I will have a go at it and see what happens...

As you can see from my title, I am like so many women a victim to sports TV, No matter what kind of sport, my dear husband will watch and watch it for hour's and hour's, only moving from chair to go to loo or when the TV adds come on, and when I ask him a question I will get a nod or a hum mm, "aw bless him"

Lets see where this little blog of mine takes me.......


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