Oh what a beautiful day

Oh, what a beautiful Mornin
'Oh, what a beautiful day.
I've got a beautiful feelin'
Everything's goin' my way.( yep it's from Musical: Oklahoma )

Well the sun is coming my way,
sat outside in garden in the shade as I only have to wink at the sun and I get burned, but I still managed to get burned well my arms did, even though I had sun cream on and highest factor too.

I said to hubby I should be like a Muslim women (no disrespect) and wear the traditional dress which cove re's the women from head to toe with a gown while in public. The traditional Muslim woman's gown is called the "burka", or "burqua". There are actually at least two main types of burquas. The "full burka" (or "chador") is a garment covering the whole body, with a heavy veil covering the eyes as well. The other burka is a kind of veil to cover the head having a slit on the front for the eyes.

yes that's what I should wear while in the sun, mind ya I would still get burned in that too.So tomorrow it's suppose to be sunny again,so looks like I stay indoors awhhhhhhhh, hubby say I won't burn tomorrow if I sat outside I would just go brown, a chance I don't think I would take, more than likly I would get sun stroke, and thats not nice thing to happen cos I got that years ago's as a child and spent a week in hospital, but thats another story....


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