Another new gadget

I now have internet on my mobile phone and its great which means i can go on internet when ever, where ever i am, like having to wait to see doctor in hospital or surgery anywhere really that your left waiting for am hour or so which really drives me nuts cos did you ever notice that if you have am appointment and you arrive in plenty of time, your always left waiting for ages ,but if your late thats a differant story cos your appointment gets canceled and you have to get another one now thats very annoying, dont you agree? Well i have nearly finished my Graceful geisha cross stitch and i have started another one its Japanese fans from the works of JOAN ELLIOTT an oriental odyssey she has made some beautiful designes in this book , you can get book from RU CRAFT.CO.UK they have some lovely crafty stuff in catalogue winter 09

Did ya ever!!!!

Did ya ever have one of those day's, well I'm having one????
(that reminds me of a song,  [did ya ever have one of thoes day's] can't remember who/what it is ah  it will come back to me eventually) 
 anyway did you ever go up-stairs and forget what you went up for???or put dinner in oven and forget to turn gas on??even better answer mobile phone over a sink full of water and let the phone fall into it? yep I know you all know them day's, well thats the day I'mhaving, oh and to top it all off I have a very sore eye and a headache aghhhhhhh

Now I know that song it's Elvis Presley from the movie GI Blues
all together now " did ya ever have one of those day's boy's "ever had one of those day's" when nothing goes right from morning till night " did ya ever have one of those day's "
I'm not singing the rest of it, cos I can't remember the words.....

So i went on U-Tube and found this, so now you can sing along.......


Well she is coming along slowly but I'm getting there, I had a few problems with hair, but I perservered and I got there in end,
I even think I would sew her again on a differant background, but as I have collected a few Geisha's I will do some of them first, I have already started a Fan collection will update on that one when I have some more done...


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