beaded wristbands

I knit these about a month ago, but forgot to post them....They were from pattern's I got from Knitty .com, they were really easy,and I knitted them with crochet thread size 10, which means very thin cotton, used a size 2mm crochet hook, I didn't tread beads on first, I put them on as I go along with a very fine needle, can't get to grips the other way

more socks

Another pair of socks finished, knitting them 2 at a time is great and so quick they seem to knit up really fast, just as well with the cold weather coming in so quickly too,I knit these for hubby (again)and I done the heel with double wool, just to make it stronger, because I don't know what my hubby does with his feet/boots but he seems to get holes in his socks really easily,so I hope these will last him a bit longer than a few weeks..

These I crocheted, and really easily too,I made it all up as I was going along, and crochet them in half an hour, there is a slight difference between the two pairs, and it helped get rid of some scrap yarn,I prefer the pair on the left, cos they fit better..


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