Now you see them..Now you don't????

Now you see them, now you don't????...What am I babbling on about you ask,well to cut a long and boring story short,I lost all my Garden Flowers photo's from my computer, how you ask??? simple answer I don't know!!!!plus when I logged into my blog they were gone from there too ???aghhhhhhh What happened I haven't a clue???

So now I have to post this again....

Here are some pictures of the flowers growing in my garden, the ROSES are my favorite, and I had 7 roses on that bush this year never had before, must be something good in soil the orange ones I don't know the name, and the 3 bottom flowers are called GLADIOLI, a little colour in garden is so nice, especially when I look out of window and it's a horrid day, and there are theflowers in bloom..


  1. Hi Sheila, the flower is a Crocosmia

  2. Beautiful flowers, and I love pink roses,


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