cuppa tea

Anyone for tea??? I was looking for a new mug but a big one cos I drink tea, I love tea,so I went shopping and in a charity shop my favorite one, (the British Heart Foundation ) there it was sitting on a shelf surrounded by lots of ornaments, but that was the mug for me and you will see why in picture below....
It holds a full pint of tea,which suits me great, plus its china , lovely cup and saucer and it cost £1.99 a bargain I think, do you?????


  1. it adds a whole new meaning to the phrases " I could murder a pint!", " Pint anyone?" and " Pints make prizes!" no wait, that last one's wrong.... great piece of china!

  2. Now thats what I call a cupof tea. I know you like your tea, but thats going to far !!!Is't it??? only joking, I know you like a good drink lol lol


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