My Babies!!!!!

These are my babies PHOEBE on the topand BEN on the bottom,their not babies anymore though, they were born on the 19th Jan 1999, to Sire Botanic Master Class and Dam Botanic Lady, (their birth names for registration by the owner before sold) are Botanic Dancer Rosie and Botanic Highflier, phoebe (Rosie)does not live up to her name as she does not do any dancing lol ...just lies around house all day and gives the odd grump now and again and keeps moving her dish around floor to let you know she wants food, she reminds me of that monster in the movie THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, where he sings Feed me Seymour,Feed me, if she could sing that's what she would sing, or
food glorious food .....
Now Ben(highflier) is the total opposite, he loves to play, run and he would walk the feet of ya if ya let him, he loves walking, running etc and as for toys, just give him a ball of any description and he would chew it to pieces and loves his comfort he loves to lay beside you on chair that's if I let him, when he gets on couch he takes over.....,I always joke about them being Yorkshire Terriers but with Irish blood running through their veins and of course they were born in Ireland, and now they are living in Yorkshire, so their Irish Yorkshire Terriers, well they are really!!!! You should see their Family tree it's amazing.....


  1. What lovely dogs! One of my pals has 3 yorkies and they have so much personality packed into their small bodies, they are great fun!

  2. Hi sheila,
    thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I love your dogs. They are gorgoeus. I love your Amigurumi toys too. so cute. Sorry to hear about your back and the pain you're in. I know only too well about living with 24hr pain unfortunately. and yes I'm an aging crazed U2 fan!! my kids think its hilarious and love mocking Bono's singing. Keep in touch


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