Not been Idle been busy

Well I'm back at last, my computer broke and it would have cost too much to repair so I had to save up for a laptop, so I went shopping for one 3 weeks ago,I was  delighted that I got one and then discovered while I was not on a computer someone decided to play games with my passwords on all my favorite sites, blogs,and even down to my e-mail accounts, (but luckily who ever it was could not get into pay pal account) so it took me awhile to get back my e-mails accounts and blogs etc and lots of phone calls later I'm back , Ya can't knock a good Irish woman down like me lol lol,   it was annoying but as I always say, what goes around comes around.

So now back to what I was working on some crochet and knitting and here are the pictures  of the baby cardigans,blankets, hats, and a pram-suit,


This was crochet in squares and then put together plus I lined the back of it to make it softer on babies skin, my friend was delighted with them all, and so was the expecting mother that makes me happy too...

 Iam working on a cross-stitch project at the moment of 3 oriental fans and will post pic's on the progress of the fans, also the finishing touches to my crochet lap-top cover or bag,just t sew it all together.....



  1. Hi Sheila

    Glad you have got everything sorted now - how very annoying!!

    You have been busy making some beautiful things. I used the blue self patterning yarn too for a jumper for my nephew.

  2. see mum when i have kids i wont have to buy baby clothes all i have to do is put you to work lol x


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