A night at the Dogs

I have been very busy over the last few weeks doing some projects, Knitting,crocheting,cross stitching, and I'm still crocheting  blankets, there are for a very good friend of mine she is expecting 2 more granchildren, in april/june so far I know one baby expected is a boy , won't know till after the 23rd of this month what sex other baby is.

The cross stitching was for my friends 50th birthday,

sorry the pic is terrible and to the trained eye, I only seen it when I was uploading pic, that the box on the right hand side is wrong, need to get it back and fix it, huh

this is the before pic and the other is after I framed it and added a few touches to frame....                             


we also went out to the greyhound races in stainforth for her birthday, and it was a cracking night, won some money and lost some but the craic was great....

Shirley and me.

The drink was flowing too, not my way lol...

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