My Appeal!!!

My Appeal was on Monday for my disability benefit, I went to Sheffield on Monday and to tell the truth I was bricking it, My husband drove from doncaster to try and get there for 10am, and all the time I was sitting in car I was terrified, with what they the dwp were going to do,questions they were going to ask etc,I was putting myself through this in order that I could get the higher rate.
I got into my wheelchair which I hate, and waited and waited, cos the dwp were running late, anyway eventually I got to see them, and the questions began, when did I injure my back, when did I have operation, what was doctors name, tablets I was on and why???dahhhhhhh for the pain, how do I manage to use loo at night,how do I use bath, how do I dress my self etc answered all their questions, even though they had a file with all this information on it, doctor's reports, hospital reports,even the pain management clinic reports, and they still want questions answered, anyway the upshot of it all was..... I was refused it, because I could walk around house with the aid of sticks.....I was gobsmacked....

I left there feeling real small and a fool to have put myself through all that and for nothing
I cried most of the way home, in fact I felt so down hubby wanted to take me around Sheffield and suggest go shopping to a wool shop, but I was so gutted and demoralised all I wanted to do was just go home, which we did, and I still haven't got over it yet, 3 yrs fighting this appeal for nothing, and the worst of it all is I know people on higher rate of disability and there is nothing wrong with them, but that they are great blaggers, It's so unfair.....


  1. Oh my That really is crap!!! And there I was worried about where to live when in reality i could have had squatters rights!! And you being in this situation!!! I can't do anything for you except send you some hugs xxx

  2. Hi sheila,
    I'm so sorry you lost your appeal. They really make you sick dont they? I can walk around the house, I get the LRC for needing help with the stairs, bathing and because I cant cook a meal. But I was grilled aswell and put in some very awkward situations. I had to really think quickly on my feet! (or in my chair!)
    can you appeal aginst the decision?

  3. thank you all for your support and silvia you had a right to worry where to live but glad you got that sorted, No I can't appeal thats the higest anyone can go, just have to live with it I suppose, awh life is a bitch, so they say....

  4. Thats bad,i am sorry you lost your appeal,when my dad was alive he had a car accident which left him paralysed waist down and to claim money they came to see him to see if he could walk,they even tried to get him to try and walk,my son gets DLA(lower rate)i do alot for him and he cant get a higher rate and i cant get carers allowance for him,its all wrong.

  5. To put you through all that and then get refused,their reason seems stupid.

  6. Hello Sheila, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Yours is new to me....lots of lovely knitting here! I'm sorry to see you've just had a horrible time. Wishing you well.
    Diana x


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