New Skin

I'm addict to blogger skins/templates, and yet another one but I like this one especially since it has 3 columns, which I can put more stuff on, and it's lovely and colourfully, so now this one stays and I'm not going to change anymore to much hard work, having to save and re-enter all my links and pic etc, that's it now, no more....

Hubby says's it wont stay that way for to long, cos I will get fed up eventually, looking at same page, like I do with furniture in house, because I kept shifting it around, because I get fed up looking at it in the same place, I had to remind him I don't do that now, well haven't done it in a long long time, not since I got bad with my back.I remember as a child my mother (god rest her soul) used to do it all the time, we as kid's would come home from school and she would have shifted the furniture around every week or so, and then put it back in the same place again once she even had stripped wallpaper from walls even though it was only decorated months before,because she didn't like the pattern on wallpaperI once heard my granny saying "moving things in house all the time means a restless soul looking for prayers" wow my mum must have been on her knee's all the time then lol now don't know if that's true, more than likely a old wives tale, strange saying the old wives tales????


  1. Wow your blog is eye candy it is so pretty. I get stuck in a rut. My background on my yahoo homepage was deleted and now I won't even put up the Thanksgiving background for I know I will then loose my tea stripes if I ever let it go. I need some of your moxy my dear. Loved your stuff especailly the socks. I soo want to do the sock thing with cirs.

  2. oooh! pretty!
    I'll look forward to the next incarnation!

  3. Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who moves furniture around!! I get it from my mum too..she still rings me now to tell me when she's had a move around!


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