Not a good day

I'm having a very bad time with pain this weekend, I'm taking medication but it's making me very drowsy,but I have managed to finish some amigurumi's which I have posted below...

I also found a poetry book which was giving to me by a wonderful Irish man, named Jermone Stephens, who was a haemophiliac and was infected with Aids virus, through a contaminated blood product in 1982, he was a family man, and had beautiful children with his wife Elisabeth. While he was sick he wrote poetry and they were published in a book, called read My Mind,
and the poem on the right is one of my favorites....

god bless you Jermone.....


  1. sorry that you'e having a tough time at the moment Sheila. Thank you for sharing the poem, it's lovely.

  2. I hope you feel much better tomorrow.


  3. i'm really sorry to hear this, hope you feel a lot better soon hunny take it easy x


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