Things I do while on the road

This morning the weather was lovely, and then it turned rainy for the rest of the day, so I decided to go traveling with my hubby, he works at delivering farm produce to different parts of the UK, to-day it was Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds, and looking at the country side as we driving along was lovely, (well the bit that's not taken with new roads etc)it's a shame really but I suppose that's life and progress..

We got chatting about car's well hubby did I nodded at the right times lol what size engines and what company makes the different ant cars, yep ya could say boring, until I said " I just like the look of some cars",the name's I haven't a clue, well the back of the new corsa (boot end)looks like it has a big smile, and the mondeo has just a posh smile, and any cars that have a peak on (over the bk windscreen) are all chav cars, well I think it's funny..

Have a look at your car and tell me what you think your car looks like.....

Oh nearly forgot I also spotted 18,STOBART TRUCKS , things I do while Im traveling on the road.

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