Heart Attack

I haven't been able to post this week, because my husband had a heart attack on Wednesday evening, he had been complaining all week about his chest getting tight and I told him to go to see doctor, (but we know what men are like, put it off today try again tomorrow)I had an appointment to see doctor on Thursday so I insisted on him to see nurse, which he did and she done a ECG on him and let the doctor see it and next I knew an ambulance was on its way to rush him to hospital, all sorts of things were going through my head,(you know the what ifs/hows/whys)as I sat in hospital with him and the look on his face, that he was terrified, and scared not knowing what was happening to him, he looked just like a little boy, and I knew there was nothing I could do,but pray and leave it all in the doctors hands and in Gods,
He was rushed from Doncaster Hospital to Sheffield Hospital where they could do a operation called coronary angioplasty with a stent, and he had that done on Saturday,they inserted a balloon into his artery's to widen them and help the blood flow to his heart,
and this procedure should last the rest of his life, plus he won't have to have a heart by-pass
Thank God..


  1. Oh my goodness ! My thoughts are with you both. My neighbour had a stent put in around 6 months ago and he is now getting on really well.
    I know we haven't met on CB forum yet as I have been away for a while, but take care and we will catch up soon. Caroline X (cupcakedaft)

  2. OH my god i am so so sorry to hear of your news, i hope your OH is on the mend.

    hugs, Sarah x

  3. aup mum,just read ur new post thingy,im nearly crying here,i didnt know how u were feeling coz u never tell me and i did say u know where i am if u need a chat no matter wat time it was.anyway miss u loads,hope ur ok(even wen u say u ar i no better)love u.xxxxx


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