The Morphine happy cloud ???

Well what a start to the week (last week) I woke up early in pain, not unusual but difference this morning I couldn't get my breath and the pain in my chest was painful, just as well I had an appointment to see the doctor, never said anything to hubby cos he would panic, so off we set to doctors just 5Min's walk away literally, got to see on time too which was great, explained wat was wrong and he decided that an ambulance was called for to take me to hospital that I might be having a heart attack, so as you can imagine panic set in, thoughts  flooded my head,( ie hubby,kids, did I turn off oven, oh the washing in the machine needs taking out, have the dogs been fed, thank God!!! I put my good bra on this morning and matching knickers etc ) I felt so embarrassed been put in the wheel chair and brought through the doctors reception  mind ya I had a mask on so no-one knew me anyway in the back of ambulance and they kept asking was I in pain did I want morphine and I refused, well I didn't feel in that much pain plus I take loads of painkiller for my back, to cut a long story short I was strapped to heart mointer and needle in arm xrays taken doctor poking and prodding asking when and where the pain was when did it start how did it start etc, after hours of all of this and eventually having to have the morphine and they decided to keep me in hospital for some more poking and prodding and feeling happy on happy cloud of morphine they (the heart doctors) I was not having a heart attack(Thank God) I pulled a muscle in my chest and they gave me a prescription of painkillers and sent home to rest.  Now I did feel embarrassed and so so stupid after that revelation  a pulled  muscle all that worry over a pulled muscle, now that could only happen to me......


  1. Hi,
    That's good that you were not suffering from a heart and it was just something that can be taken care of!!!! I hope you are doing much better!!!!

  2. Thank goodness it wasn't a heart attack, but better to be safe than sorry!

    Certainly don't feel embarressed - the doctor made the decision to get the correct diagnosis!

  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my Blog.
    Good job you got checked out and it was NOT a Heart attack. Now you can carry on worrying weather you turned the oven of or not:)
    And I am certain that the Doctors would rather have a 'False Alarm' to treat than have you suffer the real thing

  4. so glad it wasn't anything as serious as a heart attack, and even more glad that you have such a great dr who is not taking silly risks with your health.
    take it easy with the morphine though!!


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