Shopping Spree

I went in town Saturday just to do some shopping (well window shopping really) go to markets, and my favorite charity shops, and here is what I bought, all in charity shops,

this was £1.50 to keep my sewing in and in another charity shop I saw this and had to get it........

A sewing basket and it £2.50

I also bought 2 cross stitch books they cost me £4 for both...

Hubby dragged me out of the charity shops in case I saw something else, so we went to markets and in the indoor market I discovered a knitting shop, It's called Stitch and Knit, it's a small shop and the owner is a lovely lady, and I got talking to her and asked her advice about cross stitching and what would be the easiest project for a beginner and she showed me loads of kits all in differ ant price range's, so I bought one, (hubby should have left me in charity shop lol )

She also has beautiful wool, but I was very self controlled on wool hee hee

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  1. You got some great bargains from the charity shops!


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