Family on BEBO

Well I have an account on Bebo and a few weeks ago, I discovered that most of my Family are on Bebo, so for the last few weeks I have been chatting to them and posting photos, new and old one on bebo and they have been doing the same, and they take some of mine and I take theirs (photos) I haven't seen them since I moved to England that's 9yrs ago so you can imagine the joy I was feeling when I saw them on bebo, and how big my niece's/nephews have grown.

It's great on bebo because my kid's can chat and exchange mobile numbers with their cousins that they haven't seen in yrs either, and exchange photos too
It means they can keep in touch, because they are mostly all the same age.

hubby was laughing at me, cos all he could hear while I was on computer was
" oh my God she has how many kid's"or " oh how big they have grown"or
" our Ann watches the same TV programme's as me" etc etc
I call that talking to myself out loud hee hee, (well I could have been singing out loud)


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