Day out

We went to the pet store to get a new fish tank,cos when OH was cleaning out the tank we discovered a crack in the tank,and it started to leak,so my big baking bowl came in handy, so now (Ant/Dec and Dick/Dom the fish's names) have a new house with a few new things in it as well,

we also made a visit to PC World to get a memory card for my new camera,my hubby bought me for xmas,so now I can take photos (950) to my hearts content,we also went to the Range to buy a big storage box, for my Jars that I have collected, Iam going to teach myself how to make Jam/Chutneys for the summer, (she say's with great intentions)

The car park and stores were packed, it took us 35mins to get out of carpark even made worse when drivers keep pushing in,its very annoying,cos no matter how much they push, they are still stuck like everyone else,

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