Projects finished

I have finished some projects that I had half done last weekend,(just so I could well have a clear out so to speak)so I had some amigurumi's cats and hats oh and an elephant,(which I'm most proud because it is my own pattern) I also came across in a bag a project finished just the sewing up and stuffing and I haven't a clue what it is, all I know is, it is an amigurumi of some sort, and because I don't know what it is I don't know what pattern to look for, there are 8 pieces ah I will find out what it is eventually lol...

Anyway my daughter saw the cats in my Picasa photo album and she wants them, and then came the " mam can you also make me a penguin/pig/turtle, I think they are soooo cute" also some sock's, and a pair for bed to keep my footie's warm"
I ask ya, she must think I do nothing all day but knit, well she is half right, after housework is done, that's when I can do some and that would be a good day, if my back and leg's let me,because it is very hard to do some housework while trying to hold on to walking sticks, I then can relax and do some knitting/crocheting, all depends on my mood...

Getting on great with the circular needles, and knitting 2 socks at same time is great!!! no more sss (second sock syndrome) yippee

My first pair of socks knitted on 2 circular needles 2 at the same time..and this is next pair started

Hats knitted on circular needles, a ribbed one and cabled one ,and the model is my son lol ...


  1. gosh you've been busy!
    ps tell your hubby that I write my sports stuff myself,my OH doesn't edit it for me, he wouldn't dare!

  2. the discworld knitalong is as follows: make yourself a discworld afghan, starting oct 2008 read the discworld novels 1 each month, and each month knit a square 8"x8" which represents that novel. eventually you join the squares together to make yourself a blanket.It is possible to swap squares with others on the Ankh-Morpork Knitters guild on Ravelry, but mostly people will discuss the novels and show pictures of their squares.
    Join in if you wish!


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